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Education for students is easier with us! offers you the best and most beautiful ways of education.


Various educational options for teachers. gives the ability to create virtual classes and give assignments and exams.

We have all the features for education

  • Create a question bank for the user
  • Include pictures in the questions
  • Include videos in the questions
  • Use on laptops, tablets and desktops
  • Make hard copies of the test
  • Customize the look and feel of the final certificate for each of your exams
  • Limit the number of times someone can attend the exam or the Quiz
  • Set a time limit for the exam (Quiz)
  • Show one question per page
  • Set start/End dates for the exam (Quiz)
  • Random the order of questions within the Exam for each exam taker
  • Random the order of the answer options in the question
  • Copy your Exams
  • Share a copy of the Exam with other colleagues
  • The ability to create a virtual class (groups)
  • A special control panel for the student through which the administrator can communicate with group users
  • Import questions from your other Exams
  • Customize the message displayed at the end of the test if the student passed or failed the test
  • Export your results to Excel files
  • Easily review scores and summary stats
  • Sort Exam results
  • Send results to Exam takers
  • You can print the Exam results

Users' opinions

Doaa Ahmed
Thank you very much, the wonderful examst team. In fact, words fail to express my gratitude... I know how much you worked hard for me, and I appreciate that. Thank you, and I will contribute to publishing this site for everyone I know.. because it is a site of pride and deserves respect.
Hanan qatawneh
A wonderful site and team, all thanks and respect.