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Online exam makerSet a time limit for the exam (Quiz)
Online exam makerShow one question per page
Online exam makerDetermine opening/closing dates for the exam
Online exam makerRandom order of questions within the test for each Quiz taker
Online exam makerRandom order of the answer options in the question
Online exam maker Copy your exams
Online exam makerShare a copy of the Exam with a colleague
Online exam makerImport questions from your other Exams
Online exam makerCustomize the message displayed at the end of the exam if the student passes or fails the exam
Online exam makerExport your results to excel files
Online exam makerEasily review grades and summary statistics
Online exam makerSort Quiz results
Online exam makerSort your results by Marks
Online exam makerSend results to Quiz takers
Online exam makerYou can print the Exam results
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